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The Perinatal Psychiatry Clinic is a specialized program for pregnant or postpartum women who had pre-existing psychiatric disorders prior to pregnancy, who develop psychiatric disorders during pregnancy or postpartum, and for women who have premenstrual dysphoric disorder. 

Outpatient psychiatric consultation and follow-up can be provided for these patients.  

Group Therapy

The group is offered to women 18 and older:

  • who are pregnant or have given birth within the last 18 months;
  • who understand and speak French;
  • who have a primary diagnosis of unipolar or bipolar major depression and anxiety disorders that began or were exacerbated during the perinatal period (pregnancy to 12 months postpartum).  

It is an experiential and psycho-educational psychotherapy based on attachment theories and inspired by the emotion-centered model. 

It aims to decrease participants' anxiety and depressive symptoms, increase knowledge about attachment and improve mother-child interactions. The group holds 12 weekly 90-minute sessions and is composed of 8 to 10 patients and 2 therapists. 

To be eligible to receive this service, you must: 

  • have the following form completed by a family physician or a nurse practitioner (who accepts return of care) 
  • be a resident of the area serviced by Home and Community Care Support Services Champlain
  • have a valid Ontario Health card (OHIP)

Exclusion criteria:

  • Active psychotic symptoms  
  • Active suicidal ideation
  • Ongoing hypomanic or manic episode  
  • Intellectual disability or limited intelligence  
  • Personality disorder as primary diagnosis  
  • Exacerbation of substance use disorder  

To refer a patient to this service, a family doctor or nurse practitioner must fill out the referral form, accept return of care and send the completed form by fax to 613-748-4938. 

Hôpital Montfort

This service at the Aline-Chrétien Health Hub is offered by Hôpital Montfort.

This service is also available by videoconference or telephone.

This service requires a medical referral.



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Monday, afternoon