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Our model of care

The concept of the Aline-Chrétien Health Hub will enable the partners involved to work together in order to offer complementary services.

For the client, this will improve coordination of services, provide easier access to care and minimize travelling.

The Hub will target residents of Ottawa East, including:

  • newborns, children, adults and elders who need timely follow-ups by a specialist (e.g., allergist, orthopaedist, pediatrician, pain management specialist);

  • seniors, through the provision of community services such as day programs and home support as well as assessment and treatment services by teams of healthcare professionals;

  • people suffering from a mental health problem, from children to seniors, through the provision of services such as counselling, assessments and treatment offered by healthcare professionals;

  • people requiring rehabilitation services, for example, following surgery or a cardiopulmonary event;

  • people requiring diagnostic imaging tests such as an X-ray or MRI.

Guiding principles for the model of care at the Aline-Chrétien Health Hub:

Under one roof

  • Appointments with various specialists will be coordinated as much as possible.
  • Clients information will be shared among all partners to reduce repetition.
  • Clients consulting several specialists at the Hub will have access to a coordinated care plan.
  • Specialists will work together to identify the client’s primary need in the present moment.


  • Bilingual services will be actively offered at the Health Hub.
  • Client experience will be as positive as possible; we plan to offer a warm and welcoming environment with multiple waiting areas for patients, although the intent is to have the shortest wait-time possible.


  • In most cases, clients will be able to choose where they want to receive their services.
  • In most cases, clients will have access to a schedule that is the most convenient for them.


  • The Hub will be an integration of hospital and community services.


  • Information will be sent back to primary care physicians quickly and efficiently.


  • The Hub will use technologies to offer the most modern services possible.
  • The Hub building will allow for a multi-purpose use of its rooms.


  • Training will be offered to the Orléans Health Hub employees to help reduce siloed work and to focus on the client as an entity.
  • The Hub will also be a place for teaching and research.